Syed Zamir Jafri Foundation


A registered NGO in the name of Syed Zamir Jafri was formed in 2008 with its family members forming the Board of Directors. It is a non-profit foundation with the aim of promoting resource material for persons interested in doing research work on Syed Zamir Jafri in addition to providing a forum to study the legend poet.

Governing Body

* Chairman Syed Ehtasham Zamir

* Vice Chairman Syed Imtanan Zamir

* President Rubina Ehtasham

* Secretary Syeda Zamara Basit

* Director Finance Syed Omer Ehtasham


* Syed Basit Raza

* Syed Naushervan Bin Jamshed

* Zain-ul-Abedeen

* Syeda Shahpara Naushervan

* Sangeen Sher

* Fatima Ali

* Fatima Sangeen  

* Harika Omer